Our Story

How We Became As a Team

301 Marketing was formed out of our passion to do digital marketing. We started working on our first client in November 2013. We didn’t have a name yet back then and we didn’t look for that first client. The client simply asked us if we could perform search engine optimization for their website and so we did.

Working as a team, we managed to increase that client’s website traffic tremendously. Soon after that, more referrals came from friends and from our clients themselves.

Our Brand and Name

301 Marketing takes its name from the 301 HTTP response status code that is used for permanent redirection. Our work involves directing people to our client’s business and converting them into customers. This goes beyond the traditional notion that once people see you online, you’re good to go. We go beyond this mindset and go for that extra mile in helping our clients turn visitors into customers.

In support of our name, our logo represents the digital marketing funnel. No. We didn’t copy it from Standard Chartered Bank. It’s simply a modern representation of the marketing funnel with blue and green colors to represent our goal of dependable and efficient digital marketing services for our clients.

New As A Team But Not As Digital Marketers

Our team has 10 years combined digital marketing and web development experience. Each of us has hands-on experience handling large corporate accounts from around the globe. So you see, we’re not amateurs and we proudly carry these experiences to our new venture that is 301 Marketing. We just chose to focus on small businesses because we love working with business owners who are as passionate as we are in growing their business.