Our Process

How We Approach Our Projects

We work towards a specific and attainable goal that our clients have in mind. Doing things this way, we are set to achieve something rather than do a bunch of stuff without any clear business impact.

Be it SEO or website development, we make sure to start with the content. The design and other technical aspects of the project then follows. Content is king in this day and age and without a proper content strategy, things can get tough for a business in the digital space.

Our Process Involves:

  1. Knowing our client’s business goals
  2. Determining the business history (SEO history, reason for the design)
  3. Identification of project requirements
  4. Proposal of options and strategies
  5. Project execution
  6. Measurement of results
  7. Strategy adjustments

We recognize that no strategy is perfect that is why our process involves adjustment of our strategies in case we see that our initial efforts are not delivering the desired results. We work until we achieve and we do not let ourselves be bound by a given number of deliverables.